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HEY YOU! It’s that time of year again: THOR is looking for fresh meat!!
Have you always wanted to know what it’s like to kick ass on the ice? Perhaps you’ve played hockey as a kid and along the long arduous journey to adulthood you’ve forgotten the ice, you’ve forgotten the feel of gliding and sliding free from all your worries, you’ve lost that loving feeling.. well no more, I tell you, this is your wake up call! Our mighty god Thor is calling out to you, sweet winterchild. When you’re ready to return, the icy waters will be waiting for you for TRY OUTS. If you’re brave enough to test the waters: Our student icehockey club Thor is happy to take you on!

Thor is an (inter)national team, consisting of boys and girls.
If you’d like to join, you have to be somewhat of a night owl: trainings are at approximately 22.30 on Wednesdays and Fridays. On Fridays we usually can be found downing beers after praccy, so there’s that. If you’re lucky, not only your physique will improve, you’ll get to know the greatest people you’ll ever meet (and some weird ones, like yours truly). Not to blow our own horns or anything.

If you’re interested, sent us an email: (let us know who you are, if you’re a student or former student, if you have experience/gear). If you’ve got a lot of experience already, we can put you in touch with our second division team Odin.

Try outs:
– Friday 13 September
– Wednesday 18 September
– Friday 20 September



Thor Seeks New Members!

In search of a sport besides studying? Seek no more. Thor is recruiting new vikings.
Also this season we are looking for experienced players as well as rookies. Those newcomers and student team will be trained on Wednesday nights ( 22:20-23.30) and Friday nights (22:30-23:30) by an experienced trainer, often accompanied by players from the competitive teams. The only requirement is a pair of skates, we provide the rest of the gear and a stick.

If you are an experienced player, you are welcome to join our competitive team (Odin). Trainings are on Friday nights 21:20-22:30 and games approximately every other week.

Interested? Please contact us through!

Winter’s Coming

Fortunate enough, summer is slowly fading away. This means a brand new hockey season has started in Amsterdam. This season Thor 1 will be competing in the National Student League. Odin will take on the national 2nd division competition. Get ready as thunder is going to be thrown down!


Thor Amsterdam is the Netherland’s finest student ice hockey team.

Thor Amsterdam is a diverse group of players of different sexes, backgrounds and skill levels. What brings the team together is love for the game and a healthy competitive spirit, both on and off the ice. Oh yes, and beer, lots of beer. Currently Thor Amsterdam has two teams that play in competitive leagues and a beginners team that does not play competitive games.

There is always room for new members, and the only conditions are:

  • you need to be a student
  • preferably you are able to join us for at least one full season

Skills are less important than dedication. Because with dedication, skills can be attained.

If you are a student (HBO/WO) and want to try the beautiful sport of ice hockey, you can contact us via For the first couple of training sessions we have most of your gear covered (we’ll provide you with everything, except for skates).


These are the training hours for season 2019-2020:

  • Student/Rooky teams:
    • Wednesday 22:20 – 23:30
    • Friday 22:30 – 23:30
  • Odin team:
    • Friday 21:20 – 22:20


The contribution fee for a full hockey season (2019-2020) with Thor Amsterdam will be around €350-€400 (the exact price will follow soon).

For more information about our team (or any other questions), contact us via



THOR @ SLAPPING STUDS (06/01/2018)

Puck drops 21.15

IJCCL WARRIORS @ THOR (12/01/2017)

Puck drops 21.15

THOR @ ICEHAWKS (21.01.2017)

Puck drops 21.00




Thor is always on the hunt for new team members!

Contact us by mail:

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