Thor Seeks New Members!

In search of a sport besides studying? Seek no more. Thor is recruiting new vikings.
Starting from the 2017/2018 season, Thor is providing new practices for people who are new to the fastest sport in the world. These practices will start on saturday evening (20:30-21:30) 15th of October, following every saturday after that. Rookies will have their chance to get used to the sport on their own sheet of ice just outside the 400m-track. You will be supervised by an experienced coach and one or two experienced Thor members every saturday. Next to skill improvement, a full body and muscle-aching workout is guaranteed!
Interested? Fill in the form at the bottom of our webpage!


Winter’s Coming

Fortunate enough, summer is slowly fading away. This means a brand new hockey season has started in Amsterdam. This season Thor 1 will be competing in the National Student League. Thor 2 will take on the national 3rd division competition. Get ready as thunder is going to be thrown down!


Thor Amsterdam is the Netherland’s finest student ice hockey team.

Thor Amsterdam is a diverse group of players of different sexes, backgrounds and skill levels. What brings the team together is love for the game and a healthy competitive spirit, both on and off the ice. Oh yes, and beer, lots of beer. Currently Thor Amsterdam has two teams that play in competitive leagues.

There is always room for new members, and the only conditions are:

  • you need to be a student
  • you need to be able to commit to playing at least one full season.

Skills are less important than dedication. Because with dedication, skills can be attained.

If you are a student (HBO/WO) and want to try the beautiful sport of ice hockey, you can contact us via the form below. For the first couple of training sessions we have most of your gear covered (we’ll provide you with everything, except for stick and skates).

Thor practices on wednesdays (22:00-23:30) and fridays (22:30-23:30). For newcomers, Thor provides the opportunity to join the rookie team. This team practices every saturday from 20:30 till 21:30. For more information about our team (or any other questions), get in touch via the form below or send a mail to

The costs for a full hockey season with Thor Amsterdam for each category are:

Rookie — euro 165,-
Student (HvA/UvA) — euro 285,-
Student (Other) — euro 310,-



THOR @ SLAPPING STUDS (06/01/2018)

Puck drops 21.15

IJCCL WARRIORS @ THOR (12/01/2017)

Puck drops 21.15

THOR @ ICEHAWKS (21.01.2017)

Puck drops 21.00




Thor is always on the hunt for new team members!

Just fill out the form and we will be in touch.

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