General Information

On the 16th of December in 1994, THOR Amsterdam was established in Amsterdam. The students in Amsterdam who loved the game of ice hockey needed a club to perform their sport together with other students. Since then THOR has always been a student association where a diverse group of students feel at home. 

At the moment this association has a Board consisting of five persons, four ice hockey teams and over eighty members. It can therefore be said that THOR is a flourishing association. With those four different teams, three hours of ice training per week and various activities on and off the ice, the club offers a varied and interesting student life for the members. 

THOR practices the whole winter season at the Jaap Eden Rink in Amsterdam on Wednesday and Friday evenings. After practice there is always time for some beers or other drinks. More information about the board, the different teams and the activities can be found on this site.

Would you like to know more about THOR, do you have questions, remarks, problems, ideas or critical notes? Send an email!


Through the year our association organizes a variety of activities off the ice, to flourish the student life of our members. Besides parties, we also participate in other sports activities, some relaxation activities and have a yearly BBQ. 

If you have an idea for an activity, hit us up through info@thoramsterdam.nl